Blu-Ray News #291: The H Man (1958) & Battle In Outer Space (1959).

Mill Creek’s been offering up some really good stuff lately, and this one’s gonna be terrific. Here’s a Blu-Ray twin bill of Toho pictures from director Ishirō Honda — The H Man (1958) and Battle In Outer Space (1959).

The H Man plays like a bit of a Japanese radioactive tiff on The Blob (1958), with some gangsters thrown in for good measure. Columbia cut some of the criminal element out for its US release, making it 8-9 minutes shorter than what Japanese audience saw. Still, it’s a cool movie.

The great Eiji Tsuburaya at work on Battle In Outer Space.

Battle In Outer Space, aside from the English dubbing, Columbia left alone. It’s set in the future, 1965, with Earth being attacked by the planet Natal, which is causing natural disasters and other chaos from afar. Eventually, the UN battles it out with the saucer fleet from Natal. Toho’s special effects genius Eiji Tsuburaya had a real field day with this one.

Both pictures were in Eastmancolor and Tohoscope, and they should look great in high-definition. Coming in June. Boy, us grown-up monster kids are getting spoiled these days!


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4 responses to “Blu-Ray News #291: The H Man (1958) & Battle In Outer Space (1959).

  1. john k

    These films are going to look stunning in high def!
    I’m so glad that Mill Creek are back in business with these vintage
    Columbia Blu Ray double bills.
    It would be great to see more Sam Katzman in high def,Sci Fi,
    Westerns, Crime Thrillers,Historical Romps….whatever!


    • I agree, these are gonna look terrific. I’d put them up there among Honda’s best, and the cinematography on these late 50s/early 60s Toho things is really something.


  2. Richard Oravitz

    Two of my favorites, definitely worth an upgrade. Mill Creek has been putting together some excellent releases lately…However, still waiting for Kino’s release of LEGEND OF HILLBILLY JOHN which was announced a couple years ago now. Must have missed something or is this still going to happen? Also their release of the wacky sci-fi favorite (at least for me) THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE should be due out soon. Are either of these two titles going to happen? Anyone know anything here?


  3. john k

    Richard Oravitz,

    Kino have just announced THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE
    is due June 2 from a new 4K master.

    No news on Hillbilly John sadly.


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