Blu-Ray News #307: Attack Of The Crab Monsters (1957).

Produced & Directed by Roger Corman
Starring Richard Garland, Pamela Duncan, Russell Johnson, Leslie Bradley, Mel Welles, Richard H. Cutting

Shout Factory has announced that Roger Corman’s Attack Of The Crab Monsters (1957) will be released on Blu-Ray on August 25th (that’s next week) in a limited edition of just 1,000 copies. Act now, folks!

This pretty much sums up all that was wonderful about Hollywood in the 1950s.

Made for just $70,000, Attack Of The Crab Monsters played in a double bill with Corman’s Not Of This Earth (1957) — which Shout Factory will hopefully get to soon, and made over a million bucks.

Attack Of The Crab Monsters was shot at Leo Carrillo State Beach, Bronson Caverns and Marineland by the great cinematographer Floyd Crosby, and it features a good score by Ronald Stein. The crab monsters were made out of styrofoam, so getting them to go underwater was tough (and destructive). Everything about this movie is terrific.

This Blu-Ray promises a new scan of a fine-grain print (in its original 1.85), a new commentary, the theatrical trailer and a tribute to Mr. Corman. It’s available exclusively through the Shout Factory website, and only 1,000 of ’em will be pressed. Highly, highly recommended. Click on the half sheet up top to order yours!


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #307: Attack Of The Crab Monsters (1957).

  1. Walter

    Toby, now this one is for fun. ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS(filmed in 1956, released 1957) is a doozy of a movie, to say the least. I didn’t get to see it at a drive-in, which of course was this movies natural habitat in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I saw it on black and white TV.

    The movie was sold to local television stations through Allied Artists Television syndication in 1963. This brings back memories of a local TV station’s FANTASTIC FEATURES, which aired on ABC affiliate WHBQ-TV Channel 13, Memphis, Tennessee from 1962-72. Tuned in at 6:00 on Saturday Nights, I remember seeing a horse drawn hearse making its way through a rolling fog. Holding the reins is a caped man who looks real creepy. All is done against the backdrop of a low horror style music that rises and falls along the trek. In the next scene the camera zooms in to the back of the hearse. There, our caped creepy mystery man peers into the lens and then back again as his white-gloved hands pull a casket from the ornate hearse. Next we find the fanged phantom raising the coffin lid and the same thick mist emerges from within, The title’s bleeding letters FANTASTIC FEATURES ascends from the wooden casket.

    The creepy fanged man called himself Sivad your “Monster of Ceremonies.” He was the Gothic Southern-fried vampire host of FANTASTIC FEATURES, which showed some of the scariest, but corniest black and white Horror/Sifi movies in the history of Hollywood. Yes, ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS was shown as well as the Classics: THE SHE-CREATURE(1956), THE UNDEAD(1957), CAT GIRL(1957), THE BRAIN EATERS(1958), THE SCREAMING SKULL(1958), THE SAGA OF THE VIKING WOMEN AND THEIR VOYAGE TO THE WATERS OF THE GREAT SEA SERPENT(1957), and many, many more.

    Those were the days.


    • Saw Attack Of The Crab Monsters on one of the local stations here in North Carolina. We lived out in the country and could pick up stuff from as far away as High Point.

      There was a station that ran AIP monster movies late on Friday and Saturday nights. No host, just the movies. I never missed ’em!


  2. Walter

    Toby, WHBQ-TV, as well as the other two Memphis channels, reached throughout the region: West Tennessee, North Mississippi, Northeast Arkansas, Southwest Kentucky, and Southeast Missouri. Cable didn’t even exist back then.

    Sivad as host of FANTASTIC FEATURES became a regional celebrity. He gave a in person performance at the Memphis Fairgrounds in 1963. 30,000 fans attended his show. He even cut a record the “Sivad Buries Rock and Roll” with “Dicky Drackeller” on the flip side of the single. Sivad(Watson Davis) concocted his own musical instrument, which he called the coffinola. Davis described the coffinola as a “reproduction of an old style coffin with one string.” He played it with a bow and it was amplified. All his showmanship and those movies: THE KILLER SHREWS(1959), ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES(1959), which was written by Leo Gordon, THE BAT(1959), and many, many more.

    Here for your pleasure.


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