Blu-Ray News #309: He Came From The Swamp – The William Grefé Collection.

Arrow’s He Came From The Swamp: The William Grefé Collection offers up seven films produced and/or directed (and often written) by William Grefé, all newly restored from the best film elements around:

Sting Of Death (1966)
Starring Joe Morrison, Valerie Hawkins, John Vella, Jack Nagle

Death Curse Of Tartu (1966)
Starring Fred Pinero, Babette Sherrill

The Hooked Generation (1968)
Starring Jeremy Slate, Steve Alaimo

The Psychedelic Priest (1971)
Starring John Darrell, James Coleman, Joe Crane

The Naked Zoo (1971)
Starring Rita Hayworth, Steve Oliver, Fay Spain

The Jaws Of Death (no Mako) played the Forest Drive-In here in Raleigh, NC.

Mako: The Jaws Of Death (1976)
Starring Richard Jaeckel, Jennifer Bishop, Harold Sakata

Whiskey Mountain (1977)
Starring Christopher George, Preston Pierce, Roberta Collins

Mr. Grefé participated in this from one end to the other. Each picture is packed with extras, from commentaries and trailers to director’s cuts and behind-the-scenes footage to photo galleries and a collector’s booklet. Also included is the documentary They Came From The Swamp: The Films Of William Grefé.

Should be a real hoot, and an exhaustive one at that. Coming in November. Recommended.


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #309: He Came From The Swamp – The William Grefé Collection.

  1. Richard Oravitz

    I’ve bought several of these movies from Something Weird Video and the upgrade is enticing but at $100 for the package, it’s just out of my price range/affordability. Same with the Al Adamson set at $300…Now I know you get a lot of stuff, and I’m an old geezer that still supports physical media, but it can’t help product sales to cut off your target audience with such a hefty price tag. At least offer the films as individual purchases as well as multi-packaged sets…the Imprint Blu-ray of MAJOR DUNDEE is now available for pre-order on Amazon, at $90!!! Yikes, another must have purchase out of my price range……..makes me really appreciate those wonderful Blu-ray double feature sets put out by Mill Creek. Got H-MAN & BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE and they’re excellent, 2 discs for $12, a super bargain. Will also be buying IPCRESS FILE and DRAGNET from Kino because I know they will be affordable…Now I’m not a cheapskate, I’ve got thousands of dvds crushing my shelves and I usually buy what I want and will never live to see everything that I have, but there’s a fine line somewhere between obsessive movie buying and insanity and I don’t want to cross it just yet by paying $90 to upgrade a movie that I already have from Twilight Time.
    ………on a different note Toby, you may already be aware of this but I’ll mention it anyway. There’s a cute little book out titled BROADSWORD CALLING DANNY BOY, WATCHING WHERE EAGLES DARE by Geoff Dyer. It’s only 120 small pages and can be read in less time than it takes to watch the movie. It’s affectionate yet humorous and points out all the many improbabilities that we all know of and willingly accept from this action favorite. You may want to check it out as it’s available on Amazon….One thing jumped out at me the last time I watched WHERE EAGLES DARE on TCM this past spring. It goes back to when I was a kid in the 1960s and there was a puppet show on TV called Supercar. I bought the complete series on dvd and as Kino was having a sale I bought their Blu-ray double feature of Thunderbirds movies, which I had never seen, but which looked interesting. What struck me watching WHERE EAGLES DARE was how much actor Derren Nesbitt, who plays the black suited Gestapo officer, looks like the male puppet lead in THUNDERBIRDS. I almost found myself looking for his strings.


    • You’re very right. Nesbitt does look like a Thunderbirds puppet.

      Haven’t seen the Where Eagles Dare book, but will have to check it out. I love the Blu-Ray, which reveals so many flaws — like a seam in the sky behind the castle in one shot. I didn’t realize it was a model till I saw that. Will always be my favorite movie.

      I’m looking forward to the Ipcress File, another favorite. Dragnet’s gonna be really nice. The sample file I got to work with was good, and they’re WAY downgraded from the HD file — and don’t usually reflect the cleanup work they do. Be kind to the commentary when you get it!


  2. Walter

    Richard, I so agree with you. These prices are way out of my price range, especially after all our health care costs this past year. Like you, I really appreciate Mill Creek for making Blu-ray’s affordable.

    BROADSWORD CALLING DANNY BOY, WATCHING WHERE EAGLES DARE(2019) written by Geoff Dyer, really sounds interesting too me. Thanks for the heads up on this one.


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