Blu-Ray News #311: The Flintstones – The Complete Series (1960-66).

The Modern Stone Age family comes to high definition. Warner Bros. has announced the upcoming Blu-Ray set The Flintstones – The Complete Series. You get all 166 episodes and the feature The Man Called Flintstone (1966) on 10 discs. It’s coming in October. Between this and the previously announced Space Ghost and the already available Jonny Quest sets, there’a lot of high-def Hannah-Barbara going on.

The image above is from The Flintstones Viewmaster set.

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One response to “Blu-Ray News #311: The Flintstones – The Complete Series (1960-66).

  1. Walter

    Toby, there sure is a lot of high-def Hannah-Barbera going on. Of course, there is a lot out there. I have such fond memories of the “Golden Age” of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, which, for me, was from 1957-1973. Not just Saturday mornings, but weekly afternoons and prime time. I first remember THE HUCKLBERRY HOUND SHOW(1958-61) and THE YOGI BEAR SHOW(1961-62). After their original showings, both shows ran for years in syndication.

    So many wonderful shows to watch and enjoy: THE FLINTSTONES(1960-66), which was the first prime time cartoon series, followed by TOP CAT(1961-62), THE JETSONS(1962-63), and JONNY QUEST(1964-65). These shows continued to air on Saturday mornings for years. For Western fans there was THE QUICK DRAW MCGRAW SHOW(1959-61). So many more to name. Also, the many talented voice actors of those years, I can still hear them.

    William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and their talented company, thank you.


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