Let’s Help Bob With Bud And Lou And Jack!

Robert Furmanek restored one of Abbott & Costello’s funniest films, Africa Screams (1949), for its stunning Blu-Ray release, and he and his are are back with Jack And The Beanstalk (1952).

Working with the only surviving 35mm color camera negative footage, this should be incredible. As before, there will a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the restoration costs — and to let you help make it happen. More details to come!


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2 responses to “Let’s Help Bob With Bud And Lou And Jack!

  1. john k

    I understand that there is a second run of AFRICA SCREAMS at a far
    more reasonable price,at least WOWHD have it listed as an October
    release. The dealers previously offering AFRICA SCREAMS were
    charging extremely high postage prices.As good as the transfer is on
    AFRICA SCREAMS the extras sound amazing,I’m especially looking
    forward to the restrored Cinecolor trailer for EL PASO.
    This latest A & C outing has the added attraction of Supercinecolor
    how many titles in that process have made it to Blu Ray
    I understand that Supercinecolor was replaced for a short time by
    Color Corporation Of America but it’s strange that several films made
    in that process only exist now in Black & White-CAPTAIN KIDD AND
    The surviving prints of OVERLAND PACIFIC,I understand are very
    washed out.
    Mr Furmanek did state previously that there is a color neg that
    still exists for THE YELLOW TOMAHAWK. I DO wish there was still a
    market for Westerns with second string Western stars as THE
    YELLOW TOMAHAWK would be a most welcome Classicflix
    restored release,but sadly it’s not going to happen.
    THE YELLOW TOMAHAWK was one of Lesley Selander’s best Westerns
    and I’d love to finally see it in Color and 1.85 widescreen..


  2. Walter

    John K, I agree with you about THE YELLOW TOMAHAWK(filmed in 1953, released 1954). I would hope that there is someway, or other to get this Western restored in its original state, which is in color.

    This movie is one of the early roles for Rita Moreno. 2 months before THE YELLOW TOMAHAWK was released Rita was on the cover of LIFE magazine. Rita has been acting in movies and TV for 71 years! She has talent to spare and has won just about every award a performer can receive. At age 88, Rita is still going strong and can still do a high kick in her late 80’s.

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