Blu-Ray News #322: The Court Jester (1956).

Directed by Melvin Frank
Starring Danny Kaye, Glynis Johns, Basil Rathbone, Angela Lansbury and Cecil Parker

Paramount is bringing the very funny Danny Kaye movie The Court Jester (1956) to Blu-Ray in January. A 6K (yes, 6!) should make for an eye-popping presentation of its Technicolor and VistaVision. This is one a lot of folks have been wanting to make its way to high-def, and it sounds like it’s gonna be worth the wait.


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4 responses to “Blu-Ray News #322: The Court Jester (1956).

  1. john k

    Further good news is that Paramount,themselves are now releasing
    catalog titles and at very pocket friendly prices as well.
    Their recent encoding of SONS OF KATIE ELDER was stunning-hey,
    where’s LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL guys?


  2. john k

    Although the Columbia MOD/DVD series has long bit the dust,Sony,too
    are delving into their vaults for Blu Ray releases at not so pocket
    friendly prices.
    They have recently released (without much fanfare) Andre De Toth’s
    superb NONE SHALL ESCAPE and George Sherman’s engaging slice
    of Americana COUNT THREE AND PRAY in the most appealing
    2.55 CinemaScope ratio.
    Sony seem to be on a Jack Lemmon kick at the moment with a whole
    clutch of Lemmon movies making their high def debut.
    Among the titles is THE NOTORIOUS LANDLADY which should look
    sensational in black & white high def.
    Indicator have announced Volume 2 of their Columbia Noir series
    and again six vintage Three Stooges shorts are included which is a deal
    breaker as far as I’m concerned.
    Commentary duties,this time ’round are performed by the very wonderful
    Imogen Sara Smith and The Nitrate Diva…sounds great already.
    Forgot to mention in my previous post LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL
    in 6K wouldn’t that be something but I guess we would have to have a
    6K TV if indeed such a beast exists.


  3. john k

    Among other Paramount vintage titles due on Blu Ray is
    WER’E NO ANGELS (1955)
    Gloria Talbott,in an interview mentioned what a hoot Basil Rathbone
    was on that show. One day Basil purchased some dog poop from a joke
    shop,and according to Gloria,it was the most realistic that she had ever
    seen. Basil then attached it to Bogie’s brand new overcoat.
    “Good morning dear boy” Basil greeted Bogie just as he was about to
    discover the poop…Bogie’s response is unrepaeatable here I might add.
    The more of these Paramount VistaVision movies that make it to Blu Ray,
    the better as far as I’m concerned,Phil Karlson’s HELL’S ISLAND would
    look sensational in high def.,

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