2021 Ain’t Lookin’ Too Bad, So Far.

From our friends at The 3-D Film Archive.


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3 responses to “2021 Ain’t Lookin’ Too Bad, So Far.

  1. john k

    Count me in for WINGS OF THE HAWK and JACK & THE BEANSTALK,I don’t have the kit to watch these films in 3D but if the quality is as good as AFRICA SCREAMS I will be very happy. I’m probably in a minority but I always feel 3D is a cinematic experience but if one has a 65″ TV (which I don’t) then I guess it makes sense.
    I hope other vintage 3D films get porepped in high def especially Westerns like CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER and SOUTHWEST PASSAGE.

    To Toby and all H8 followers (all 2 of ’em) a very Happy New Year and a safe and healthy 2021.


  2. Walter

    Toby, John K, and everyone else who takes a look-see here at HANNIBAL8, I hope that 2021 is a much better year than 2020. Although, there were good things that did happen in 2020. My wife’s cancer went into remission during this trying year. Also, I think we should give overdue credit to the millions of people with good common sense who took personal responsibilities and did their very above and beyond best to comply with shifting public health guidelines in the face of this awful invisible enemy. What they did last year and this year saved millions of lives and will save millions more in the future, when COVID-19 hopefully, is in our rearview mirrors.


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  3. Walter

    Barbara Shelley, Hammer’s number one leading lady and the Technicolor and Eastmancolor queen of Hammer Films has passed away at age 88.



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