62 Years Ago Today.

These guys knew what they were doing, and were clearly using the William Castle playbook, when they promoted the hell out of his House On Haunted Hill (1959).

If I’d happened upon this display as a kid, my mom couldn’t have drug me away from that spot.


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9 responses to “62 Years Ago Today.

  1. Walter

    Toby, what a good photograph. Do you know where the photo was taken? HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL(filmed 1958, released 1959) premiered in San Francisco, California on January 14, 1959. 1959 was a great year for movie releases, so many to pick from.

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  2. john k

    I remember seeing THE TINGLER on a double bill with
    NIGHT OF THE DEMON at the Essoldo Cinema Burnt Oak,London
    circa 1961.
    There was a huge police presence due to the many leather jacketed
    youths attending the screening.
    The Essoldo circuit was great many of their cinemas changed programes
    3 times a week,it was a great way to catch films you had missed first time
    The Essoldo circuit was owned by a gentleman named Sol Schekman
    and Essoldo was a combo of himself,his Wife Esther and Daughter
    Dorothy ES SOL DO

    Just viewed the Warner Archive 4k restoration of CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and it’s jaw dropping-it’s right up there with recent
    restorations of JOHNNY GUITAR and ONE EYED JACKS.

    Gary of DVD Beaver has just reviewed GIANT FROM THE UNKNOWN
    the screen grabs look great and that extra on Bob Steele in the 50’s looks
    really interesting.


    • Walter

      John K, great memories of seeing THE TINGLER(1959) and CURSE OF THE DEMON(filmed 1956, released 1957) at the Essoldo Cinema Burnt Oak. I really like that movie theater’s name.

      You brought up a memory of many leather jacketed youths attending these two movies and police being there. Do you have any memories of the movie THE LEATHER BOYS(filmed 1962, released 1964)? Also, I’ve read where THE WILD ONE(1953) starring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin was banned in the UK until 1968.

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  3. john k

    Hi Walter,
    As you know CURSE OF THE DEMON was the shortened American
    version of the Tourneur classic,missing severral key scenes.
    I never saw THE LEATHER BOYS upon release I have caught the
    movie on TV Furie was really on fire in those days.
    Yes,Walter THE WILD ONE was banned in the UK until ’68.
    The early 60’s was a golden era for thrill seeking early teens with
    Hammer,Corman/Price,Herman Cohen,William Castle and the Uk’s own
    Berman & Baker with their Hammer style flicks (BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE,
    Then there are all those AIP cheapies still runniing as double bills ’round
    London’s flea pits.


    • Walter

      John K, always good to hear from you during these very trying times. I have a Columbia TriStar DVD titled CURSE OF THE DEMON and it is the 95 minute version that is the UK version, which is a Classic of our favored genre.

      The 1960’s and 1970’s were quite a time for small and no budget movie making in all genres. American International, Crown International, Howco International, and others filled the drive-in’s and walk-ins with plenty of fare. I could pay $1.50 and walk-in or drive-in to see two movies, cartoon, and coming attractions. You would think that during this awful pandemic time, drive-in’s would make a comeback. Social distancing would be no problem. Yes, you would think, but it doesn’t look that way. Most movies will be streamed.

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  4. Bert Greene

    I did pick up that “Giant From the Unknown” blu that Film Detective put out. Mainly, because it’s one of the very few 1950s thrillers I’d somehow never seen over the years. Having seen the other Cunha films, I admit I was a tad wary about shelling out the dough for this. The cast of familiar, likeable actors finally sold me on it, though.

    The disc looks terrific. The film is fairly palatable too, for what it is. Oh, like all these rock-bottom cheapies, it does drag a bit, and rarely manages to work up much (if any) real suspense. But the visually appealing Big Bear location work, and the aforementioned likeable cast kept the whole thing agreeably afloat for me. Adding a lot to the value of the disc is a slew of excellent extras, giving a lot of interesting detail and backstory to the modest little production. A gamble that turned into a rather pleasing purchase.


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