Blu-Ray News #334: Doctor X (1932).

Directed by Michael Curtiz
Starring Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Lee Tracy, Preston Foster

Warner Archive is following their incredible two-color Technicolor restoration of Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1932) with a similar presentation of Doctor X (1932), coming in April. It will feature a slew of extras, including the alternate black and white version (shot separately).

The success of this one prompted Warner Bros. to bring Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray back for Wax Museum.

Both pictures are just plain creepy and weird — and wonderful. This one plays around with cannibalism and voyeurism. Ahh, the joys of Pre-Code Horror. Essential.


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #334: Doctor X (1932).

  1. Walter

    Toby, this is really good news. It is good that we’ll get to see both the two-strip technicolor and the black and white versions of DOCTOR X, because they are a little different.

    UCLA Head of Restoration and Film Historian Scott MacQueen and his team should be commended for the work they are doing. Also, the financiers who make it possible by way of funding. Here is a good interview with Mr. MacQueen about the restoration of DOCTOR X.

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    • Thanks for that link. I was just reading one of McQueen’s article in American Cinematographer last night, on The Phantom Empire (1936). It pays to save everything. Always wished AC would gather up all his articles like that and publish in one big fat volume. They’re so good!

      If this Blu-Ray is half as good as The Mystery Of The Wax Museum, it’ll be a real revelation. Can’t wait!

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  2. john k

    There’s certainly no slowing Warner Archive down and I’m also very
    excited about EACH DAWN I DIE Cagney in his prime and George Raft
    to boot. As with the DOCTOR X package there’s a whole raft of extras.
    Off topic but I kept name dropping FIVE! and thought,wrongly, this
    may not be Toby’s thing-I’m delighted to hear that he’s prepping a post on
    it. I’ve never seen FIVE! so the Imprint Blu Ray was a revelation and
    I found the film a knockout and I’ll say more when Toby’s post appears.
    Arch Oboler was certainly a complex character and the commentay and
    Kim Newman’s overview of Oboler’s career make for great extras.
    Imprint are to be praised for releasing these truly obscure movies.

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