Better Every Time.

Some movies get better every time you see them.

You discover something new. A performance suddenly knocks you out. You notice how the music impacts the film as a whole. Or maybe, after seeing it five times, you finally really get it.

One that really hits me in a different way ever time I see it is Walter Hill’s The Driver (1978).

I’m curious, what movies do that to you?


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2 responses to “Better Every Time.

  1. john k

    I find that with a lot of vintage Eastwood/Siegel-together or separate.
    THE BEGUILED their Southerrn Gothic masterpiece-not for all tastes
    certainly but plenty to rediscover and Kino’s latest restored version also
    has a great Kat Ellinger commentary with a whole host of background
    info.PLAY MISTY FOR ME as well; last viewing I somehow found myself
    with far more sympathy for Jessica Walter’s character the “Deli Sandwich”
    bit seems to have eluded me on previous viewings-no big deal really
    but I have recently developed a huge taste for deli sandwiches.

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    • John, you’re so right, Siegel’s pictures offer up new riches every time you revisit them. Watching Charley Varrick over and over while prepping for the commentary really drove that home. I never got tired of it, and I’d find something new to marvel with each pass.

      Dirty Harry works the same way for me.

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