Blu-Ray News #340: Larceny (1948).

Directed by George Sherman
Starring John Payne, Joan Caulfield, Dan Duryea, Shelley Winters

While I’m a sucker for his Westerns, you can count me in on anything from George Sherman. He was a top-notch “journeyman” or contract director, and please don’t take that as a knock to his prowess. He made some great movies.

Larceny (1948) is built around one of the scuzziest plot points ever — a con man (John Payne) trying to snake a war widow (Joan Caulfield) out of money allegedly for a memorial to her husband. When Payne has second thoughts, and develops a thing for the widow, the boss (Dan Duryea) won’t let him out of it — then Duryea’s moll (Shelley Winters) really louses things up.

Noir works best when it’s kept lean and tight, which makes it perfect for George Sherman. This is a terrific movie, and it’ll be great to see Irving Glassberg’s cinematography in high definition. Coming to Blu-Ray from Kino Lorber in July. Highly recommended.


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #340: Larceny (1948).

  1. Barry Lane

    Could not agree more, and Payne is outstanding as is Joan Caulfied.

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  2. Bert Greene

    Great news about Kino putting out “Larceny” (1948) and “The Web” (1947). Haven’t seen either in many decades, but recall them fondly.

    I always get an extra spark of excitement when one of these relatively long-uncirculating films is released. So often over the past 30 years, it’s seemed like a treadmill of the same vintage films over and over again… VHS releases, cable-tv syndication, then DVDs, then blu-rays. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled over remasterings and upgrades of various favorites, various classics. But there is a bit of a same old, same old, feeling. A lot of really fine films seemed to get left by the curbside long ago. When any of these are retrieved from the cobwebs, it’s such a nice surprise, and automatically perks me up.

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  3. john k

    Mighty fine to see Kino release “unreleased” Universal Film Noirs, and
    Heaven knows there are enough of those. I’m hoping for a couple of
    Crane Wilbur,Irving Glassberg shot pictures.
    First THE STORY OF MOLLY X a great female centric prison flick,
    and secondly OUTSIDE THE WALL with Noir icon Richard Basehart.
    OUTSIDE THE WALL has Basehart now 30 incarcerated since a juvenile
    faciing the outside world-Glassberg’s photography as Basehart walks
    the city’s mean streets is sensational. As fate would have it Basehart becomes involved with three women a Femme Fatale,a golddigger and
    a “nice girl”
    He also has to deal with sadistic gangster Harry Morgan who’s idea of fun
    is inserting scalpel blades under victim’s fingernails…nasty!


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