Blu-Ray News #343: Silver Screams Cinema Collection (1945 – 1957).

Imprint has announced their upcoming Silver Screams Cinema Collection, six pictures (complete with extras) on three Blu-Ray discs. You might dismiss this as a bit of a random, grab bag assortment of old horror movies. But that downplays all the cool stuff that’s in here — some Republic stuff, one of Bela Lugosi’s Monogram Nine and a couple of Regalscope pictures. You get:

The Phantom Speaks (1945)
Directed by John English
Starring Richard Arlen, Stanley Ridges, Lynne Roberts, Tom Powers

The Vampire’s Ghost (1945)
Directed by Lesley Selander
Starring John Abbott, Charles Gordon, Peggy Stewart, Grant Withers, Emmett Vogan, Adele Mara

Valley Of The Zombies (1946)
Directed by Philip Ford
Starring Robert Livingston, Lorna Gray, Ian Keith, Thomas E. Jackson

Return Of The Ape Man (1946)
Directed by Philip Rosen
Starring Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, George Zucco, Frank Moran, Judith Gibson

She Devil (1957)
Directed by Kurt Neumann
Starring Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly, Albert Dekker

Unknown Terror (1957)
Directed by Charles Marquis Warren
Starring John Howard, Mala Powers, Paul Richards, May Wynn

To me, the real jewel here is the last film, Unknown Terror, a pretty solid Regalscope picture. You won’t find this one in widescreen anywhere else, and having it in high definition is an added treat. It’s a pretty good example of the ultra-cheap Regal films. It concerns mutants and rampant fungus — and has a good part for the lovely Mala Powers.

Imprint always does really nice work, so you can count on this set being top-notch. Recommended.


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10 responses to “Blu-Ray News #343: Silver Screams Cinema Collection (1945 – 1957).

  1. Walter

    Toby, these titles look good too me. Will this collection be region free?


  2. john k

    Offline for several days and this blows me away like a hurricane.
    I do believe Imprint’s Blu Ray’s are region free.
    I also reckon most if not all are sourced from Paramount’s vaults.
    Paramount as we know own the entire Republic catalogue but also a
    heap of Allied Artists/Monogram titles as well as several RegalScope
    titles added to the mix.
    UNKNOWN TERROR in HD is really the stuff of dreams although lovely
    Mala Powers said she only did the thing because she was pregnant and
    did not know when another acting gig would come along.
    SHE DEVIL gets knocked everywhere,for the life of me I don’t know
    why it’s another example of Kurt Neumann making something out
    of nothing and the film looks wonderful on DVD so the Blu should be
    sensational…nice cast as well.
    Yet another Lesley Selander picture in high def can only be a good
    thing odd ‘though not one of his many Westerns has had a high def
    Imprint are really sourcing the vintage vaults like no other reissue
    label with them anythings possible.
    If only Westerns had the same market appeal as Horror/Sci Fi stuff then
    we would get from Imprint the Allied Artists Western Collection
    i.e all the AA titles Paramount own: JACK SLADE,RETURN OF JACK


  3. john k

    Off topic…..well sort of
    When Sony/Columbia released the Whistler films as MOD/DVD’s one
    title THE MARK OF THE WHISTLER was missing.
    Furthermore MARK OF THE WHISTLER is missing from the recent
    Critic’s Choice DVD Set.
    I now understand that there are “rights issues” concerning MARK OF
    THE WHISTLER and that’s a shame because arguably it’s the best in
    a very strong series.
    I’d still love to see the complete series on Blu ray but I guess that’s never
    going to happen.


  4. john k

    Speaking of Paramount Republic I’m pretty sure they own a couple
    of RegalScope Westerns STAGECOACH TO FURY being one of them.


  5. Walter

    John K, I sure hope this collection is region free. There are some real fun and entertaining delights here. I agree with you when it comes to producer/director Kurt Neumann being able to make something out of nothing. The so-called critics just didn’t appreciate SHE DEVIL(1957), but the fans did and I think the movie kept the spirit of its source material, Stanley G. Weinbaum’s story “The Adaptive Ultimate”(1935). Mari Blanchard is an absolute joy to watch as she becomes quite the Supervillain, or is she? Also, SHE DEVIL is filmed in glorious black and white by legendary director of photography Karl Struss.

    Have you ever viewed the UNEARTHLY STRANGER(1963) starring John Neville, Gabriella Licudi, Philip Stone, and Patrick Newell?


  6. John W Hall

    The many extras on this set also includes a bonus movie: the 1944 Republic film, THE LADY AND THE MONSTER featuring Vera Ralston, Erich von Stroheim and Richard Arlen. It’s in standard DVD but I’ll take it.


  7. Walter

    John, a bonus movie. That is a neat extra. Especially when THE LADY AND THE MONSTER(1944) is produced and directed by small budget stalwart George Sherman. Also, Erich von Stroheim the actor, in so many roles, in which fans loved to hate. This was the first movie version adapted from Si-fi writer Curt Siodmak’s novel DONOVAN’S BRAIN(1942).

    As anyone, out there, ever viewed the 1952 West German made movie ALRAUNE, which stars Erich von Stroheim, Hildegard Knef, and Karlheinz Bohm? It was also released under the titles Mandragore and UNNATURAL…THE FRUIT OF EVIL.


  8. john k

    Hi Walter,
    So glad you agree with me regarding SHE DEVIL and as you say
    Karl Strauss’ photography is outstanding.
    I did see UNEARTHLY STRANGER at the Rialto Coventry Street
    (Fox’s second run West End Cinema) double billed with HOUSE OF THE
    LADY & THE MONSTER is quiet an extra,and I hope on a future edition
    Imprint include Selander’s CATMAN OF PARIS another film that gets
    trashed by the critics but is actually pretty darn good,rather like Republic
    does Val Lewton.
    Speaking of Lewton Warner Archive’s restoration of ISLE OF THE DEAD
    is really something to behold even by their recent high standards of
    restoring old RKO classics (BLOOD ON THE MOON,CROSSFIRE)
    has already appeared on Blu Ray from Olive Films. Gary at DVD Beaver
    really trashes the former,the movie and the picture quality-I don’t know
    if Imprint have been able to work miracles with the source material,
    and Gary normally loves this type of fare.
    Gary is far happier with THE VAMPIRE’S GHOST both the movie and
    the transfer the screengrabs on DVD Beaver look most impressive.
    Still this Imprint collection is a must have and clunker cannot put me off
    at least.
    Taking Republic,Monogram and RegalScope there’s still more diamonds
    to be mined in Paramount’s vaults.


  9. john k

    Whoops the last statement should have read “ONE clunker…..


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