RIP, Ned Beatty.

Ned Thomas Beatty
(July 6, 1937 – June 13, 2021)

He’ll always be remembered for Deliverance (1972), his first movie, but Ned Beatty was terrific in all sorts of things. He passed away yesterday at 83.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Beatty was in some key films of the 70s — Deliverance, White Lightning (1973, above), All The President’s Men (1974), Network (1976, which landed him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor), Superman (1978) and 1941 (1979). The decade was loaded with great character actors, and he was at the top of the heap.

More good stuff followed, from Hopscotch (1980) to Toy Story 3 (2010). He’s a lot of fun in a pretty terrible thing called Rolling Vengeance (1987).


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7 responses to “RIP, Ned Beatty.

  1. Walter

    Toby, Ned Beatty is one of my favorite character actors. He was good in any role that he ever portrayed. Beatty made even the worst movie, or tv show better by being in it. The first time I recall seeing Ned Beatty was in “The Bicycle” episode of THE WALTONS tv show on March 1, 1973. He played a local blacksmith. The next week on March 8, I saw him as a police detective in the really good made for tv movie THE MARCUS-NELSON MURDERS, which introduced us to Telly Savalas as Kojak. From there afterward, it seemed like he became one of the busiest and best actors working in movies and tv.


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  2. Walter

    Toby, here is a really fine tribute to Ned Beatty written by Owen Gleiberman.

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  3. Walter

    Toby, I guess the new comment I posted went into the abyss.


    • I’m guessing so. Everything that has reached me is here.


      • Walter

        Toby, I hope this gets through. Ned Beatty was amazingly good in NETWORK(1976), which he was nominated for an Academy Award for “supporting actor.” In your neck of the woods, Beatty received the “Master of Cinema” award given by the Winston-Salem RiverRun International Film Festival on March 18, 2006. The award and tribute was given for his career body of work.

        I’m sending this comment without the link, which told all about Ned Beatty receiving the award, with photographs. So, maybe it will go through.

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