Blu-Ray News #361: Blood Of The Vampire (1958).

Directed by Henry Cass
Starring Donald Wolfit, Barbara Shelley, Vincent Ball, Victor Maddern

Blood Of The Vampire (1958) is often mistaken for a Hammer film, with its subject matter, use of color, Barbary Shelley in the cast and a script from Jimmy Sangster.

But it was produced by Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman, who’d give us Jack The Ripper a year later. Of course, they were clearly inspired by the success of Hammer’s Curse Of Frankenstein (1957) and Horror Of Dracula (1958) — and they serve up lots of Eastmancolor blood.

What’s interesting about the picture is that despite its Transylvania setting, Sangster goes for a more science-fiction approach to the whole blood-drinking thing, and this doesn’t play much like a vampire movie at all. Paul Landres’ The Vampire had taken a similar approach a year earlier — and Fred F. Sears’ The Werewolf went a similar route in ’56.

Nucleus Films in the UK is bringing Blood Of The Vampire to Blu-Ray, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I’ve always wanted a nice clean copy of this, with all its lurid color lovingly preserved. Here’s hoping that’s what we get!



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7 responses to “Blu-Ray News #361: Blood Of The Vampire (1958).

  1. Walter

    Toby, glad to see you back. I gather that you have made your move to Hendersonville, Tennessee. I hope everything has went well and I wish you well in your new abode.

    I first viewed BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE(1958) on the WREC Channel 3 Memphis, Tennessee EARLY MOVIE in 1972. I recall that it was more of a mad scientist turned loose in an insane asylum movie, than a vampire one. I don’t know if this is true or not, but this movie is supposed to be the first horror movie released in the VHS and BETA formats by Magnetic Video in 1978.


  2. gcwe1

    LOVE SLAVES OF THE AMAZON is coming to BLU RAY from Kino Lorber soon .I am not a real big fan of these kind of films,but with Don Taylor in it ,I thought I’d mention it .Walter,great to see your comment.Hope you are all well.

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    • Walter

      Graham, Kino Lorber sure puts out a variety of movies on Blu-ray! I think I would much rather put down money for their release of CHINA(filmed 1942-43, released 1943) with Alan Ladd, Loretta Young, William Bendix, Philip Ahn, Iris Wong, Victor Sen Yung, and Richard Loo.

      I actually viewed LOVE SLAVES OF THE AMAZON(1957) on the WREC Channel 3 Memphis, Tennessee EARLY MOVIE in 1971. Its the kind of movie that you take it for what it is, which is a not very good movie, but fun anyway.

      Thanks for your kind concerns. I’m having a lot of pain in my right arm. As I type this, I have a heating pad on my arm. My arm is better than it was, but hopefully it will get back to the way it was. I hope everything is well for you.

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  3. john k

    Graham-mighty fine to see you join in the fun at the H8
    I’ve been buying a few of those Umbrella,Australia Blu Ray double bills
    and on their website they seem to encourage fans to come forward with
    They do release a few Westerns but on DVD only.
    Warner Archive continue to release stunning remasters of classic films-
    I’m really looking forward to ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES in high def.
    I recently managed to get hold of a copy of THE WINDOW (1949)
    I found it very hard to track down and eventually had to end up bidding
    for it-great price for the Blu Ray but not so with postage and taxes,but I
    really wanted this one;a classic Film Noir strikingly directed by Ted Tetzlaff.
    Again the remastered Blu Ray is sensational.
    Walter,sorry your shoulder/right arm is causing discomfort I hope things
    return to normal soon-anyway it’s great to see you blogging again.
    I’ve got a date for my hip operation November 18th so I will be off-
    line for a considerable time,I guess.

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    • Walter

      John K, you brought up two really fine and memorable movies with ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES(1938) and THE WINDOW(filmed 1947-48, released 1949). I didn’t get a chance to view these movies in my youngster days, but I did finally catch them in the 1980’s on cable tv.

      I first viewed ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES on WGN Channel 9 Chicago in 1982. For a life long James Cagney fan this movie was outstanding. I had bought and read Cagney’s autobiography CAGNEY BY CAGNEY(1976). He wrote about working with the “The Dead End Kids.” They had been causing trouble on the set. Leo Gorcey tossed in an ad lib that destroyed the rhythm of the scene. Cagney gave Gorcey a stiff arm above the nose, bouncing his head against another kid. Cagney said, “Now listen here, we’ve got some work to do, so let’s have none of this nonsense. When we get on, we’re pros-we’re doing the job we’re asked to do. Understood?” Needless to say, “The Dead End Kids” understood.

      I didn’t catch up with THE WINDOW until I viewed it on the ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT channel in 1987. It is a top notch intense and suspenseful drama. Bobby Driscoll is really good and he deserved his Academy Award for the outstanding juvenile actor of 1949. The award was for his acting in THE WINDOW and SO DEAR TO MY HEART(filmed 1946-47, released 1949, although it had a preview in Chicago in 1948).

      John, I hope your hip surgery goes well and that you will be up and around in no time at all.


  4. John k and Walter,I hope you are both well soon.THE NAKED SPUR and SANTA FE TRAIL both arrived today.I played THE NAKED SPUR and it was excellent.I also received RED DAWN BLU RAY released by Shout Factory.I’d never seen it before and I really enjoyed it.Ben Johnson was in it.Check it out if you get the chance.Recommended


  5. Walter

    Graham, I really like THE NAKED SPUR(filmed 1952, released 1953). It is the first James Stewart movie that I remember viewing. I first saw it on the NBC SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES in 1964. It is one of my favorites.

    I first viewed SANTA FE TRAIL(1940) as a youngster, on the WREC Channel 3 Memphis, Tennessee EARLY MOVIE in 1965 and I liked it, even though you might as well throw Historical accuracy out the window, but that is okay, because I don’t view movies for History lessons. Errol Flynn as Southerner Jeb Stuart and with future President of the USA Ronald Reagan as Northerner George Custer. Also, the wonderful Olivia de Havilland as Kit Carson Holliday and Raymond Massey as abolitionist John Brown. There is lots of action with high production values. Well worth viewing.

    I agree with you about RED DAWN(filmed 1983, released 1984). I saw it when it was released in 1984. It was a controversial movie for its time and the so-called critics jeered it, but the movie going public, especially the young, loved it.


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