“You’re gonna need a bigger aquarium.”

Saw this Jaws (1975) trinket today in the aquarium/fish bowl department at Walmart.

Where was this when the movie first came out (June 1975) and I was 11? You can bet I would’ve had a goldfish swimming around this thing.



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3 responses to ““You’re gonna need a bigger aquarium.”

  1. Walter

    Toby, I don’t really recall any merchandise from the blockbuster movie JAWS(filmed 1974, released 1975) during the year of 1975. Where I lived, out in the hinterlands, we didn’t have, as of yet, a Wal-Mart or Magic Mart. In the town nearby(twenty miles away) we did have a Gibson’s Discount Center store across from the Feed & Supply(Agriculture) store. Also, downtown were the five and dime stores Sterling, Ben Franklin, and TG&Y. At the time, looking back to 1975, I was more interested in playing football along with track & field, than movie merchandise, although I did buy a paperback copy of Peter Benchley’s JAWS(1974, pb 1975) at the local Kroger grocery store. Back when you twirled the wire rotating paperback rack around to see what was available.


    • There wasn’t a lot of Jaws merchandise back in 75. I guess it was Star Wars that taught Hollywood how to really take a kid’s money!

      However, I got everything I could find, from the book to the soundtrack LP to a t-shirt and a rubber shark or two.


      • Walter

        Toby, that is true. Later on, I bought a used hardback copy of JAWS at a flea market, which I still have, along with the paperback, but that’s it. I’ll never forget the first time I saw JAWS on the big screen. Memorably impressive to say the least.


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