Blu-Ray News #370: The Capture (1950).

Directed by John Sturges
Starring Lew Ayres, Teresa Wright, Victor Jory, Jacqueline White, Jimmy Hunt, Duncan Renaldo

It’s a great day when another obscure noir picture turns up looking like a million bucks. The Film Detective has announced a January 18 Blu-Ray release for John Sturges’ under-seen The Capture (1950), from a 4K scan of 35mm archival material. With its Mexican setting, flashback structure (a confession to a priest), narration and innocent-man-accused-of-something-heinous  plot-line, it checks a lot of the noir boxes.

The Blu-Ray will include featurettes on John Sturges and Teresa Wright, a commentary by C. Courtney Joyner and more. The folks at The Film Detective have done some incredible work recently, so it’s easy to recommend this one.


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4 responses to “Blu-Ray News #370: The Capture (1950).

  1. Walter

    Toby, is THE CAPTURE(filmed 1949, released 1950) a noir-tinged contemporary Western? I’ve never viewed this movie, so it probably was never aired in my neck of the woods.

    I wonder why The Video Detective chose to put this movie out on Blu-ray? Is it because of director John Sturges, writer/producer Niven Busch, or because of its noirishness?


    • This is one of the titles owned/controlled by Wade Williams. The Film Detective folks have been licensing stuff from them of late.

      Not sure if it’d qualify as a contemporary Western or not. Guess it depends on your definition.


      • Walter

        Toby, thanks for the information. The Wade Williams Collection, that gives me the answer to why the movie is released on Blu-ray.

        I read that the movie was set across the border in Mexico, on a ranch. Cattle, horses, guns, and the great outdoors. I consider THE WALKING HILLS(filmed 1948, released 1949) with Randolph Scott, Ella Raines, William Bishop, Edgar Buchanan, Arthur Kennedy, and John Ireland a contemporary Western. This movie was also directed by John Sturges.


  2. Barry Lane

    A Lew Ayres western, it does not explode with excitement.


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