Blu-Ray News #374: The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm (1962).

Directed by Henry Levin and George Pal
Starring Laurence Harvey, Karlheinz Böhm, Claire Bloom, Yvette Mimieux, Russ Tamblyn, Jim Backus, Terry-Thomas, Barbara Eden, Buddy Hackett

After an extensive (and expensive) digital restoration, from 4K scans of the original Cinerama camera negatives, The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm (1962) is coming to Blu-Ray from Warner Archive. 

It played at the Museum Of Modern Art a few days ago.

Originally shot and exhibited in the three-panel Cinerama process, spiffing this thing up was no easy task. The Blu-Ray sounds like it’s really gonna be something. From Warner Archive: “…this Deluxe Two Disc Edition gives the viewer the opportunity to watch the film either in a traditional letterbox format, or in the Smilebox format which attempts to re-create the immersive Cinerama experience with a simulated curve to the screen. Both versions bring together the three original Cinerama panels with virtually no trace of the lines that joined them together when originally projected in theaters back in 1962.”

The set will come with a hefty batch of extras. Can’t wait. When it comes to film restoration, this is a real fairy-tale ending!


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #374: The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm (1962).

  1. john k

    This follows closely on the heels of Imprint’s impressive 4K versions
    CONQUEST OF SPACE to follow late March.
    I grew up watching the films of George Pal a whole world of wonder for
    a young kid. I’d even shell out for a Blu Ray of ATLANTIS THE LOST


  2. I’ve never seen the BROTHERS GRIMM film but it looks good.Imprint have their April releases on site with 7 new films.THE COUNTERFEIT TRAITOR is my pick of the bunch with William Holden.His films have been getting the BLU RAY treatment lately.


  3. john k

    Hi Graham,
    So good to see you joining in the fun at the H8
    Thanks for the heads up on the April Imprint releases,a bit too heavy
    on 70’s titles for my liking but THE COUNTRFEIT TRAITOR is excellent
    and a must have for me as well.
    Such a shame Imprint are not more into Westerns,an A.C. Lyles
    collection would be wonderful,even if it only included 4 titles.
    Imprint are the only label that have made serious in-roads into the
    Paramount library,I keep e-mailing them with suggestions but I’m not
    holding my breath.


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