Blu-Ray News #380: The Films Of Michael Reeves (1964-68).

Screenbound in the UK has announced a cool Blu-Ray set: The Films Of Michael Reeves. Many see Reeves’ death at just 25 as a huge blow to British cinema. His last film, Witchfinder General (1968, AKA The Conqueror Worm in the States), was terrific and showed that he had incredible potential.

From the press release: “This ultimate Blu-Ray collection includes both of his iconic works (Witchfinder General and 1967’s The Sorcerers), along with the first-ever Blu-Ray release of The Castle Of The Living Dead, where he was part of the scriptwriting team… completing this stunning collection is the brand new feature-length documentary The Young General, featuring Ian Ogilvy.”

Reeves’ The She-Beast (1966) is already available on Blu-Ray 


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2 responses to “Blu-Ray News #380: The Films Of Michael Reeves (1964-68).

  1. john k

    The bad vibes between Price and Reeves have been well documented,
    especially as Price got on well with “difficult” directors like Lang and
    The end product is now regarded as one of Price’s finest films.
    Reeves was a huge Don Siegel fan,he turned up at Siegel’s door one
    day and Siegel let the young man hang around on set.
    Back in the UK Reeves blagged that he had been Don Siegel’s assistant
    and got an assistant’s job on THE LONG SHIPS.
    When I saw WITCHFINDER GENERAL at the ABC Edgware Road Keith
    Moon was sitting a few rows in front.
    He got up and vanished for a few moments and almost the whole
    audience started coughing uncontrollably upon Moon’s return.
    I don’t know what sort of sneezing powder Moon unleased upon the
    audience but it certainly made it a night to remember.
    At the end of the film where Ian Ogilvy hacks Price to pieces Moon was
    convulsed in hysterics.


    • Being a giant Who fan, that’s a great comment!

      Reeves seemed very determined and sure of himself — and obviously talented. Shame he couldn’t follow through on any of that promise.


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