Screening: Smokey And The Bandit (1977).

Directed by Hal Needham
Starring Burt Reynolds, Jackie Gleason, Sally Field, Jerry Reed

TCM and Fathom Events are bringing Smokey And The Bandit (1977) back to theaters for its 45th anniversary — May 29, June 1 and 2. Click the ad to find a time and place in your area.

Saw this on opening day (May 27) at the Mission Valley Cinema in Raleigh, North Carolina. (That’s the ad up top.) My daughter loves this thing, it’s a load of fun, and we’ll be at one of these screenings for sure.


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3 responses to “Screening: Smokey And The Bandit (1977).

  1. Walter

    Toby, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT(filmed 1976, released 1977) is a really fun and entertaining movie and I think it is still and always will be the best to come out of the truck driving movie genre. In my opinion, it is a Classic.

    I didn’t get to see SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT when it was first out of the chute on May 27, 1977. Out where I lived, at the time, that didn’t happen. Although, I remember first viewing it on the big screen at the old walk-in movie theater in Mountain View, Arkansas, the weekend after the 4th of July, 1977. I was working in a factory in those days for $2.88 an hour and raising some cattle on the side. Work Monday-Friday and go to the movies on Saturday. Those were the days and it seems like it was only yesterday.

    For anyone that might be interested, here is a good documentary THE BANDIT: BURT REYNOLDS, HAL NEEDHAM AND THE MAKING OF SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT(2016).


  2. Walter

    Too me, the good documentary THE BANDIT: BURT REYNOLDS, HAL NEEDHAM AND THE MAKING OF SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT(2016) is the real ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD(filmed 2018, released 2019) story. Quentin Tarantino’s characters Rick Dalton(Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth(Brad Pitt) were fictional, where as Burt Reynolds and Hal Needham were the real deal. Their story is an amazingly interesting one, to say the least. I miss Burt Reynolds and Hal Needham and I don’t think we will see their kind again in today’s Hollywood.

    John K and I had a fun discussion, going on four years ago, about this subject. If anyone is interested here it is:


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