4K/Blu-Ray News #393: The Trial (1962).

Directed by Orson Welles
Starring Anthony Perkins, Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau, Romy Schneider, Akim Tamiroff

StudioCanal is working on a 4K Blu-ray and Blu-ray release of Orson Welles’ The Trial (1962), based in the book by Franz Kafka. A 4K restoration is being done from the original 35mm negative. The cinematography
by Edmond Richard deserves the best treatment we can give it — he and Welles put together some incredible visuals in this thing. Highly recommended.



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4 responses to “4K/Blu-Ray News #393: The Trial (1962).

  1. john k

    So, the H8 goes up market as is it’s wont to do now and again,still it’s a
    nice Universe where Welles and Sam Katzman can co exist side by side.

    Returning to less lofty things cinematic (as is my wont) I was thrilled today
    to see that Network UK are releasing Ken Hughes’ HOUSE BY THE LAKE
    (aka Heat Wave) on Blu Ray in June.
    This is double exciting news as far as I’m concerned, as to my knowledge,
    could this be the first “Hammer Noir” to get a high def release.
    Hammer imported Hollywood’s Alex Nicol (who starred in several
    Brit Noirs as well as Hammer spin off Capricorn Films THE SAVAGE GUNS
    arguably the first Euro Western) B Movie great Hillary Brooke is also on
    Nicol mentioned that he enjoyed working with a “fine actor” Sidney James
    ‘though Sid does go into his famous laugh when he and Alec load the boat
    up with beer. Sid’s performance as a very sweet natured millionaire married
    to a Femme Fatale (guess who?) is one of his very best early performances.
    The Network Blu Ray is stacked with extras including one of Hughes’
    early Scotland Yard episodes “The Drayton Case.”
    This release will be a dream come true for many Hammer collectors and
    hopefully this release may be the first of a series.
    For what it is HOUSE BY THE LAKE is an excellent little thriller.


    • I’ve never seen House Across The Lake, but after Cash On Demand, I’m really fired up about the Hammer non-horror films.

      My ventures into “up-market” territory are usually limited to Orson Welles! Rest assured I’ve got plenty of stuff from the other end of the spectrum in the works!


      • john k

        When I mention “Hammer Noir” I’m really talking about the B Movies
        from their pre Horror era or if you will THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT.
        Most of these employed Hollywood Stars and Lippert had some input
        into these films. Most of them are pretty good with CLOUDBURST
        (the Citizen Kane of Hammer Noir) and A STOLEN FACE being
        I know after their mega success with their Horror films a lot of their other
        films could be classed as Noir but to me the Hammer Noir period is really
        the B Movies before THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT. I hope that makes
        some sort of sense.


  2. john k

    Sorry folks! I got so excited by this news I got the title wrong which.of
    course should be HOUSE ACROSS THE LAKE


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