Blu-Ray News #398: Directed By Walter Hill (1975-2006).

Imprint has announced a set of six films directed by Walter Hill: Hard Times (1975), The Driver (1978), The Long Riders (1981), Extreme Prejudice (1987), Johnny Handsome (1989) and Broken Trail (2006).

This is good news, first, because I absolutely love The Driver and The Long Riders— and because among the many extras to be including in this thing, I get to do a commentary for The Long Riders.

The folks at Imprint do extraordinary work, always, and I’m overjoyed to be a tiny part of this one. Highly recommended.



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5 responses to “Blu-Ray News #398: Directed By Walter Hill (1975-2006).

  1. Walter

    Toby, this is wonderful news. I’m a fan of writer/director/producer Walter Hill from back when he was a writer of THE GETAWAY(1972) and HICKEY & BOGGS(1972). When I first viewed HARD TIMES(filmed 1974, released 1975) I knew that Walter Hill, as a director, was one to watch for.

    THE DRIVER(filmed 1977, released 1978) is a really good movie, which I enjoyed a lot. I liked the idea of no names used and plenty of car chase action. Walter Hill is a top notch action director.

    Finally, Walter Hill got to write and direct a pure Western Movie. Hill has said that he is a Western director and all his movies are Westerns. When I first viewed THE LONG RIDERS(filmed 1979, released 1980) I was enthralled with the use of brothers actually portraying brothers. They all did outstanding work in this top notch Western Movie. In my opinion THE LONG RIDERS is a Classic Western and the best James/Younger movie ever made.

    I really look forward to your commentary.


  2. john k

    I agree with Walter that THE LONG RIDERS is the best James/Younger
    coming in a close second.
    Imprint are forever blazing new trails as far as outstanding releases go
    catering for most discerning tastes as far as I can see.

    Just viewed Flicker Alley’s outstanding release of the two John Reinhardt
    Monogram Noirs THE GUILTY/HIGH TIDE.
    These Flicker releases are not cheap but you get lots for your bucks
    with outstanding restorations and wonderful extras.
    BTW USA Film Fans the £ at the moment is at an all time low so now
    is a great time to buy any UK releases you have been hankering after.


    • Walter

      John K, always good to hear from you. Here in the USA inflation, especially fuel prices, is really taking a toll. We live in a rural area and have to drive long distances to get anywhere. We have to cut back on our buying of certain items and look for sales, if there are any. We will ride it out, so to speak, as we always do.

      THE GUILTY(1947) and HIGH TIDE(1947) are two movies that I don’t think I’ve ever viewed.

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  3. graham

    Toby,any idea when this gets released because it’s not mentioned in Imprint’s July releases?


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