The Carbon Arc Podcast Episode 3: The Great Race (1965) With Guest Todd Liebenow.

Here’s the third episode of my podcast The Carbon Arc. This time, the subject is Blake Edwards’ The Great Race (1965) — and my guest is Mr. Todd Liebenow of The Forgotten Filmcast. The Great Race is a movie Todd and I adore. (It’s this blog’s namesake if you haven’t figured that out already.

Click on the thing up top to check it out on YouTube or go to —

And be sure to check out Todd’s wonderful podcast (which I’ll be a guest on soon) —


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One response to “The Carbon Arc Podcast Episode 3: The Great Race (1965) With Guest Todd Liebenow.

  1. Walter

    Toby and Todd, I really enjoyed this one. They don’t make them like THE GREAT RACE(filmed 1964-65, released 1965) anymore, I first viewed this movie on its network television premiere in 1970. Part I on the CBS THURSDAY NIGHT MOVIE and Part II on the CBS FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE.

    THE GREAT RACE in my opinion is a Comedy Classic, hands down. It’s lavishly mounted to the inth degree and zany as all get out. What a cast and I just can’t think about anyone else in the leading roles, or the supporting roles for that matter. This hilarious farce is a slapstick-backslapping homage to Hollywood’s past, that we so revere as true movie fans. I got a kick out of your neat Hannibal 8 story. I could talk about this movie all day.

    I haven’t viewed THE GREAT RACE in a while and I think it is about time for me to revisit this gem.

    I look forward to your next THE CARBON ARC PODCAST.


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