Why The Rockford Files Is Great.

What a good time I had yesterday morning. I was honored to be part of a discussion of The Rockford Files, in my opinion a strong contender for the Greatest TV Show Of All Time. You can read an old post I did on the Blu-Ray set here.)

Thanks to host Dan Schneider for the invite. (The only part I didn’t like was where I had to talk about myself.) Oh, and we all need to look into Kevin Burton Smith’s stuff online. He’s an expert on PI, crime, noir and all that great stuff.

Click on Rockford’s trailer to listen in. Warning: you can see us, too.


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3 responses to “Why The Rockford Files Is Great.

  1. I used to love watching Noah Beery Jnr in westerns .Oh,and the ROCKFORD FILES was good too.


    • Walter

      Graham, Noah Beery, Jr. is one of my all-time favorite character actors. He delivered the goods in any role he portrayed, especially in Westerns. RED RIVER(filmed 1946, released 1948), JUBAL(filmed 1955, released 1956), DECISION AT SUNDOWN(1957), HEAVEN WITH A GUN(filmed 1968, released 1969), as Buffalo Baker in the cult Western tv-series HONDO(1967) , and so many more.


  2. Walter

    Toby, THE ROCKFORD FILES (1974-80) was one of my favorite tv series. I viewed it when it was originally on NBC-TV and later in syndicated reruns.

    I liked James Garner as the character Jim Rockford, who was an unheroic, middle-aged ex-con, a private detective whose place in life was signified by his run-down mobile home located on the beach, and a private eye who is often not paid his $200 a day plus expenses by his clients.

    Jim Rockford was a human walking, talking, and battle scarred skeptic, who we couldn’t help caring about.


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