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RIP, Bruce Brown.

Bruce Brown 
(December 1, 1937 – December 10, 2017)

The great Bruce Brown, whose surfing documentary The Endless Summer (1966) is one of the just plain coolest movies ever made, has passed away at 80.

The sport of surfing and documentary filmmaking owe Bruce Brown a tremendous debt. He was the Ultimate Thing.

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Blu-Ray News #127: The Endless Summer (1966).

Directed by Bruce Brown
Starring Michael Hynson, Robert August, Bruce Brown, Terence Bullen, Wayne Miyata

What a wonderful movie Bruce Brown’s The Endless Summer (1966) is. God only knows many times I’ve seen it — enough to absorb some of its lingo: “stoked,” “ultimate thing” and more. And I’ve about worn the grooves off of the soundtrack LP by The Sandals.

Speaking of the ultimate thing, The Endless Summer is coming to Blu-Ray in the UK from Second Sight — this summer, naturally. I’m so stoked.

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