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Happy Birthday, Dean Jones.

Dean Jones
January 25, 1931 – September 1, 2015

Dean Jones was born 92 years ago. For me, he will always he Jim Douglas from the Herbie movies. The Love Bug (1969) is a real favorite around here (proven by a load of Herbie books and toys).

While it’s easy to think of him as just the guy in all the Disney movies, he was also in great stuff like Tea And Symphony (1956), Jailhouse Rock (1957) and Torpedo Run (1958). Oh, and he owned the Herbie with the Porsche motor in it, used for the racing scenes.

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Blu-Ray News #322: Mickey & Minnie – 10 Classic Shorts, Vol. 1.

When I first saw the announcement for Mickey & Minnie – 10 Classic Shorts, Volume 1, I thought JUST 10? Really?

Then I saw that the price wasn’t too bad, and that one of the shorts was Steamboat Willie (1928), which I saw about 150 times as a kid in the wonderful 16mm Milestones In Animation collection. If Steamboat Willie is there, then I’m in. Haven’t been able to find a complete line-up, but here’s some of what you’ll get — Steamboat Willie, Brave Little Tailor, Hawaiian Holiday, On Ice “and six more delightful stories!”

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Dean Jones, RIP.

Love Bug LCs

Dean Jones
(January 25, 1931 – September 1, 2015)

Dean Jones, star of one of my favorite films growing up, The Love Bug (1968), has passed away at 84. How much joy did this guy usher into the world?


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