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Blu-Ray News #78: On Dangerous Ground (1952).


Directed by Nicholas Ray
Starring Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan, Ward Bond, Charles Kemper, Frank Ferguson, Olive Carey

Seems like every day, another great movie’s being announced for DVD or Blu-ray. We’re on a real hot streak here, folks.

On Dangerous Ground (1952) is a great Nicholas Ray movie that hasn’t gotten its due. I know that’s kinda like saying that water is wet. Warner Archive has announced it for an upcoming Blu-Ray release.


In a way, it’s two movies in one. The first half concerns Robert Ryan’s burned-out New York detective at the end of his rope, then it shifts gears as he’s sent to the country to investigate a murder. There, he falls in love with the killer’s blind sister (Ida Lupino). In less capable hands, such a story could’ve been laughable, but Ray and his cast pull it off with ease. Everybody in it’s terrific.

I saw a 35mm print of this a couple years ago, and George E. Diskant’s cinematography really knocked me out. This one’s essential, folks.


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DVD News #9: Revolt In The Big House (1958).

Revolt In Big House OS

Directed by R.G. Springsteen
Cinematography: William Margulies
Starring Gene Evans, Robert Blake, Timothy Carey, John Qualen, Sam Edwards, Frank Ferguson

Revolt In The Big House (1958) is not a movie you’d call life-affirming. But the fact that it’s made its way to DVD, that is.

Order one before there’s a riot.

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