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Blu-Ray News #271: Underwater! (1955).

Directed by John Sturges
Starring Jane Russell, Gilbert Roland, Richard Egan, Lori Nelson, Robert Keith, Joseph Calleia, Jayne Mansfield

This is gonna be terrific. Warner Archive is bringing John Sturges’ Underwater! (1955) to Blu-Ray, preserving its Superscope framing.

Of course, the appeal of this one back in ’55 was Jane Russell in a bathing suit (though I don’t think Howard Hughes engineered her outfit this time). It was promoted with a premiere showing that was actually held underwater. If you thought 3-D glasses were uncomfortable, how about an aqualung?

Not sure when this thing is coming, but boy am I glad it is. Highly recommended.


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Happy July 4th.


Here’s James Garner, Jud Taylor and Steve McQueen celebrating Independence Day in The Great Escape (1963). Here’s wishing you all a safe and happy one — try not to blow your fingers off.

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RIP, Sir Richard Attenborough.

Great escapoe LC

Sir Richard Attenborough
August 1923 – 24 August 2014

We lost the Scrounger (James Garner) just a few weeks ago, and now Big X is gone.

Richard Attenborough enjoyed a long, varied film career, and I can hardly do justice to it here. For many, he’ll be remembered for his role in John Struges’ The Great Escape (1963), a perfect action film. Maybe the fastest three hours you can spend in a movie theater. For others, he’s known as John Hammond in Jurassic Park (1993). His portrayal of serial killer John Christie in 10 Rillington Place (1971) is something you won’t forget. And I have a spot for A Bridge Too Far (1977), maybe the last of the epic war films, which he directed.

If you want to feel like a real underachiever, look at all Sir Richard accomplished in his 90 years. Movies, muscular dystrophy fundraising, the Chelsea Football Club, education and on and on. And somehow, in photos, he seems to always be smiling. That’s quite an achievement in itself.

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