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Merry Christmas.

Big Business (1929) is only technically a Christmas movie — Laurel & Hardy sell Christmas trees door to door. It contains nothing resembling the holiday spirit — since it seems determined to show just how mean, spiteful and destructive people can be. Of course, none of that matters since it’s so incredibly funny.

They say Hal Roach bought the house you see in the film (it belonged to a studio employee) for the sole purpose of letting Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy destroy it. We can assume he did the same with the car that James Finlayson dismantles in retaliation. How much of the tit-for-tat vandalism was scripted and how much was ad-libbed is anybody’s guess.

You can find Big Business on YouTube if you don’t have it at home. Whenever I watch it, I imagine just how much fun it must’ve been to make. And Oliver Hardy has quite a batting average when it comes to hitting pottery with a shovel.

Merry Christmas.

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