Blu-Ray News #235: The Leech Woman (1960).

Directed by Ed Dein
Starring Coleen Gray, Grant Williams, Gloria Talbott, Phillip Terry

I’ve been digging Scream Factory’s Cadillac treatment of later-50s Universal horror pictures like The Mole People (1956) and The Deadly Mantis (1957) — and their Tarantula! (1955) is downright perfect. These are movies I love dearly, and revisiting them in this kind of shape has been wonderful. It’s odd, but while I’m looking a little frayed around the edges, these old movies from my childhood are looking better than ever. Which sort of leads us to their next release, The Leech Woman (1960).

leech-woman_3It’s the usual bathe-in-blood-to-stay-youthful thing, trading the pineal gland for blood. It was directed by Ed Dein, who gave us a couple gems, Shack Out On 101 (1955) and Curse Of The Undead (1959). And it originally played in a twin bill with Hammer’s Brides Of Dracula (1960).

Of course, The Leech Woman is never gonna knock Bride Of Frankenstein (1935) or something out of the Universal Horror Hall Of Fame, but it’s a real hoot. It’s coming in August, and I highly recommend it.


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #235: The Leech Woman (1960).

  1. john k

    Coleen Gray had a special fondness for this movie as it’s the only one
    where she received top billing. When her friends learned that Coleen was
    doing Paul Landres’ equally impressive THE VAMPIRE they were amazed
    “YOU are appearing in a horror film” to which Coleen replied “Yes,but I’m
    Gloria Talbott said that she only made the thing because her daughter
    wanted a horse for her birthday.
    That’s the way things were in those days, but these gals knew they were
    not going to be the next Davis or Crawford but their work still resonates
    with buffs to this day.
    actually outlived far more high profile 50’s A Flicks and will continue
    to do so.
    A word for the unheralded Ellis Carter…where would these Universal
    Sci Fi Horror shows been without him?


    • Thanks for bringing up Ellis Carter. He has these things looking like little jewels.

      Now if we could just get Curse Of The Undead on Blu-Ray!


  2. john k

    Toby,there was a Euro DVD of CURSE OF THE UNDEAD which was
    in very good shape,so I don’t think a Blu Ray release will be too long
    in coming.
    The only one with possible source material issues is THE THING THAT
    COULDN’T DIE but I’m sure that will also be resolved someday.
    TTTCD is pretty goofy but still lots of fun,you are so right the high def
    treatment of these films lets us view them from a whole new perspective.


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