Blu-Ray News #282: Dragnet (1954).

Directed by Jack Webb
Starring Jack Webb, Ben Alexander, Richard Boone, Ann Robinson, Stacy Harris, Virginia Gregg, Victor Perrin, Georgia Ellis, James Griffith, Dennis Weaver, Dub Taylor

A friend and I were talking a couple months ago about the movies we really wanted to see on Blu-Ray. That’s the kind of thing movie geeks do to pass the time. Well, I put the 1954 Dragnet feature in my top spot, and Kino Lorber has announced it for Blu-Ray later this year. You can imagine how stoked I am.

aadrag10This movie’s got everything that makes the original Dragnet TV show so perfect, only more of it. The same no-nonsense style (with a few camera moves here and there), the same character actors and the same Joe Friday (Jack Webb) talking smack to every crook he comes across. There’s more violence (Dub Taylor gets shot in the face before the WB shield even shows up!), widescreen, WarnerColor and a majestic version of the theme song from the Warner Bros. orchestra. This is one of my favorite movies, and the old DVD is atrocious.

UPDATE (2/12/2020) — I will have the extreme privilege of doing a commentary for this one. It may present the film in both 1.37 and 1.75 aspect ratios. It was a very early non-anamorphic widescreen film.


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3 responses to “Blu-Ray News #282: Dragnet (1954).

  1. john k

    Congratulations on getting the commentary gig on this high profile
    release from Kino-you certainly deserve it!
    Yet another very fine review from DVD Beaver on Kino’s forthcoming
    MAN IN THE SHADOW the screengrabs look very impressive.
    As Gary says-there is huge appeal in seeing B & W CinemaScope
    in 1080…..could not agree more.


    • Thanks, John. This is one of my favorite movies (I saw it when I was really young and LOVED it) and I’ve done quite a bit of research on it over the years. It’ll be a really fun one to pull together.

      Man In The Shadow is a cool movie — and the B&W CinemaScope looks terrific. Can’t wait to see the Blu-Ray.


  2. Walter

    Toby, congratulations on receiving the commentary for DRAGNET(1954). You’ll do a good job, as always. I’m a longtime DRAGNET fan, I first remember watching the tv show in syndicated reruns back in the early and mid 1960’s.

    Toby, you did a really top notch job on writing A MILLION FEET OF FILM THE MAKING OF ONE EYED JACKS(2019). the book is very informative. I really like it and I highly recommend the book to anyone who likes to read about the actual making of movies. So, much interesting information told by all involved, sometimes within the “Rashomon Effect,” which gives more than one view of the story. Also, I think you clear up the Stanley Kubrick/Marlon Brando working relationship and I think your evidence shows that Brando always wanted to direct this movie. I think it is a shame that Brando didn’t direct another movie, because he learned a lot from this experience, and I think wouldn’t have made as many mistakes the second time around. Bravo! In your achievement and I’m very envious of you for following through and writing this wonderful book.


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