Making Movies: Don Siegel At Work.

Don Siegel’s films are scattered throughout my list of all-time favorites — if I was to ever sit down and make such a list. Here are some photos I’ve come across while researching him for various things (some of these images have appeared on this blog before, but are worth repeating).

Up top, there’s Siegel directing Clint Eastwood in Two Mules For Sister Sara (1970). The original screenplay was by Budd Boetticher, who was supposed to direct (he ended up with only a story credit). Budd not happy with the finished film, which co-starred Shirley MacLaine. The Los Angeles Herald-Examiner called the picture “a solidly entertaining film that provides Clint Eastwood with his best, most substantial role to date; in it he is far better than he has ever been. In director Don Siegel, Eastwood has found what John Wayne found in John Ford and what Gary Cooper found in Frank Capra.” They’d make five movies together.

Here he is with Ronald Reagan and Vinveca Lindfors (Mrs. Siegel at the time) shooting Night Unto Night (1949).

Neville Brand and Dabbs Greer (?) get direction from Siegel on Riot In Cell Block 11 (1954).

Nick Adams and Siegel go over the script for Hell Is For Heroes (1962).

Siegel, Angie Dickinson, Claude Akins and John Cassavettes (back of his head) on the set of The Killers (1964).

With Eastwood on the set of Coogan’s Bluff (1968), their first picture together.

Andy Robinson goes over the script with Siegel on Dirty Harry (1971).

Siegel and Walter Matthau having a laugh on Charley Varrick (1973). I think Don’s wearing the same hat he has on in the photo from The Killers.

Eastwood and Siegel on location for Escape From Alcatraz (1979).

I was trying to find a picture of Siegel working on Baby Face Nelson (1957), one of his best, but had no luck. It’s highly underrated, probably because it’s almost impossible to see.


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3 responses to “Making Movies: Don Siegel At Work.

  1. Walter

    Toby, Don Siegel was one of the best at what he did and that was to make movies that people wanted to view. He called himself A PROFESSIONAL, and that he was.

    I liked Don Siegel’s movies and tv shows, even before I knew who he was. I didn’t keep up with who directed what, until 1971, but I had already viewed FLAMING STAR(filmed 1960, released 1961), HELL IS FOR HEROES(filmed 1961, released 1962),STRANGER ON THE RUN(NBC WORLD PRIEMERE(1967) made for tv movie, MADIGAN(filmed 1967, released 1968), and COOGANS BLUFF(filmed 1967, released 1968). So, needless to say, I really liked his directed movies.

    I first recall seeing his name as director on a movie, when I first viewed TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA(filmed 1969, released 1970) on the NBC FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES in 1972. Ever since then, when I see the name Don Siegel on a movie or tv show I know that I’m in for some good entertaining viewing.


  2. The films I have seen from director Don Siegel I’ve liked .These have been mainly Action ,Western and Crime films .The interview with Siegel that Walter sent us was very enjoyable .Don Siegel films will always have a place in my viewing enjoyment .I hope to see more of his work.


    • Walter

      Graham, I agree with you about the movies of Don Siegel. I especially like the movies he did with Clint Eastwood, which were five total. Starting with COOGAN’S BLUFF and ending with ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ(filmed 1978-79, released 1979). This was a very good teaming of a director and star.


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