Blu-Ray News #401: King Kong (1933).

Directed by Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack
Starring Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot

I’ve seen King Kong (1933) countless times, and it never ceases to knock me out. If there’s any single film that demonstrated to the world what the movies were capable of, it has to be this one. We can thank Mr. Willis O’Brien for that.
Warner Archive is bringing this incredible film back to Blu-Ray. This is the way you need to see it — unless it hits your local theater in 35mm (don’t hold your breath). Essential.

My movie-geek advice: watch this one and The Most Dangerous Game (1932) as a double feature. Same sets, much of the same cast, both terrific!



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4 responses to “Blu-Ray News #401: King Kong (1933).

  1. john k

    Also of interest is that the UK’s Eureka will release a deluxe Blu Ray version
    of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME with many extras.
    They also have a nice Karloff triple bill on Blu featuring THE STRANGE
    These releases are planned for October.


    • The Flicker Alley Blu-Ray of The Most Dangerous Game is nice, but the Wicked Vision one is supposed to be better. Eureka will do a good job with it, I’m sure. I’m curious to see of it’ll be the best of the bunch.

      That Karloff set has to be terrific. I love The Invisible Ray.


  2. john k

    Eureka also, generally do a great job with their packaging
    and THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME is no exception.
    I hope Eureka get ’round to some of the more obscure Universal titles like
    THE MAD GHOUL which I think is a blast and also Joseph H Lewis’
    Ever seen THE STRANGE CASE OF DR RX sounds great.

    Just shelled out a small fortune for Clasicflix JACK & THE BEANSTALK
    The extras sound wonderful. Sadly some of the most desirable releases are
    at the top end of the market. A Supercinecolor title restored with such
    love and attention is an event in my book.
    Other “essential” titles are I THE JURY and INVADERS FROM MARS,
    sadly it means other releases I have to pass on.
    Gary at DVD Beaver is a wonderful site as he provides many screen grabs
    which help me decide if the purchase is essential or not.
    Classicflix releases do tend to go OOP rather quickly so their releases
    soon become collectors items at collectors prices as well.


    • My copy of Jack & The Beanstalk just arrived and it’s really something to see! It’s a real Cadillac. As much as I love A&C, that’s not one of my favorites, but I can’t wait to sit down and go through all the extras. There’s a ton of stuff.

      Can’t wait for Invaders From Mars!


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