DVD News #404: The Jungle Jim Films (1948-1955).

The Jungle Jim puzzle is complete!

Here in the States, you can get six of Sam Katzman’s Jungle Jim movies in a terrific DVD set from Critics’ Choice. But in Australia, Umbrella has brought all 16 pictures out in three sets (six in Volume 1, five each in 2 and 3).

The Jungle Jim Series
(With Volume # for each title; CC marks the ones in the Critics’ Choice set)
Jungle Jim (1948) V1
The Lost Tribe (1949) V2

Mark Of The Gorilla (1950) V2, CC
Captive Girl (1950) V2
Pygmy Island (1950) V2, CC
Fury Of The Congo (1951) V3, CC
Jungle Manhunt (1951) V2, CC
Jungle Jim In The Forbidden Land (1952) V3
Voodoo Tiger (1952) V1
Savage Mutiny (1953) V1
Valley Of The Head Hunters (1953) V3
Killer Ape (1953) V3

Jungle Man-Eaters (1954) V1, CC
Cannibal Attack (1954) V1
Jungle Moon Men (1955) V3, CC
Devil Goddess (1955) V1

The transfers on these are terrific and these discs are (I’ve heard) Region Free. We’ve been on a real Katzman kick around here of late. These cheesy little films come highly, highly recommended.



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16 responses to “DVD News #404: The Jungle Jim Films (1948-1955).

  1. Walter

    Toby, this is such wonderful news. I’m a long time fan of Jungle Jim movies and the tv show. Why do I like these small budget entertainments? A lot of it is probably nostalgic memories from my youngsterhood. A Saturday afternoon, say in 1966, viewing Tarzan and Jungle Jim movies on tv by way of Memphis’ WREC Channel 3 EARLY and MATINEE movies. Those were the days and no one will ever be able to take those memories away from me.


  2. Barry Lane

    Johnny had a soul, and it shines through in all he did.


    • Walter

      Barry, I think you hit the nail on the head about Johnny Weissmuller. He will always be my favorite Tarzan and Jungle Jim. Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan had the greatest chemistry along with Johnny Sheffield.

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  3. john k

    Every day I’m online I check out the Umbrella website but had
    no idea these sets were available. Vol 1 was released in 2019 and 2 & 3 last year.
    Thanks for the heads up Toby the Jungle Jim adventures were
    more way out (i.e.outlandish) than the Bomba series.
    More Katzman on DVD & Blu Ray can only be good news.
    I’ve been getting some of Umbrella’s Cult Horror series and
    recently received DR CYCLOPS paired with CULT OF THE
    COBRA. DR CYCLOPS looks a dream in high def and is a really
    good movie and COTC which I’ve never seen was a total blast.
    Faith Domergue may not have been the greatest actress in the
    world but she made some really cool movies-DUEL AT SILVER
    CREEK;THE GREAT SOUIX UPRISING (arguably the most
    violent of 50’s Universal International 50’s Westerns from Warners vet contract director Lloyd Bacon) ESCORT WEST,
    SPIN A DARK WEB,THE ATOMIC MAN among others.


    • These Jungle Jim volumes snuck up on me, too.

      Escort West! So glad you brought one up, it’s one I’ve been thinking I need to re-visit. What a cool, tough little movie.

      It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen The Great Sioux Uprising. Wish someone would get around to that one on Blu-Ray.


    • Walter

      John K, Yes, some of the Jungle Jim movies were way out there, but that is what appeals them too me. I liked the Bomba series with Johnny Sheffield, but not as much as Tarzan and Jungle Jim. These movies were escapist fun, especially for youngsters. Also, and I think this is important, these movies had good morals.

      Somehow, or other, CULT OF THE COBRA(filmed 1954, released 1955) has eluded me. On the other had, DR. CYCLOPS(filmed 1939, released 1940) was shown a lot during the 1960’s and 1970’s in my neck of the woods. I first viewed it on tv on a Memphis WREC Channel 3 Saturday EARLY MOVIE in 1965. WREC Channel 3 was also airing Jungle Jim movies at that time. I think DR. CYCLOPS is a good science fiction movie and Albert Dekker is a memorable villain. The movie was nominated for some special effects academy awards.

      I like Faith Domergue and she was good in William Witney’s SANTE FE PASSAGE(filmed 1954, released 1955) with John Payne, Rod Cameron, and Slim Pickens.

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    • gcwe1

      John k,I have a few new releases from Umbrella including MEGA FORCE,MONEY MOVERS,CLOAK & DAGGER and A DANGEROUS SUMMER.All of these are collector’s editions with libby cards,posters etc.When I rang up about MEGA FORCE they had sold out (limited to 100 copies) but they kindly did another one for me.I also got INCIDENT AT PHANTOM HILL and BILITIS.I have read comments on Kino where people have said THE COUNTERFEIT TRAITOR and THE HUNTER transfers released by Imprint are not all that good .I have both of those from Imprint and they are fine.I don’t know what people expect sometimes.No classics in Imprint’s November releases.


    • John, here’s a bit of an update on the Umbrella Jungle Jim set #1. All the transfers are 1.33, including the later ones (1954-55) that would’ve been 1.85. The Critics Choice set, however, has the titles from that period in widescreen.


  4. john k

    Koch,Germany issued THE GREAT SOUIX UPRISING on DVD
    several years back-it looks as if there were issues with the master. Good enough for DVD but not a high def version
    unless somebody cares to release a 2 or 4K version from
    the existing neg. Interesting,’though somewhat brutal Western
    especially by Universal’s 50’s standards.
    Recently caught up with THE 4D MAN on UK TV although I
    believe it’s out on Blu Ray in the states.
    Irving Yeaworth’s cult hit THE BLOB was aimed at teenagers,
    and the engagingly juvenile DIONSOURAS! was aimed at kids.
    THE 4D MAN was aimed at adults and rather good I thought,
    Underrated Robert Lansing excellent as always-always thought
    he deserved a far better career ‘though he certainly had a very
    busy one.


    • I’ve always thought The 4D man was quite good. Wanna get that Blu-Ray.


      • Walter

        John K and Toby, I like the 4D MAN(filmed 1958, released 1959) also. I’m also a Robert Lansing and Lee Meriwether fan. I always like to see them in anything and they were very busy, especially in tv.


  5. Walter

    Toby, I preferred TARZAN, JUNGLE JIM, and RAMAR movies over the BOMBA series. The BOMBA series(1948-55) was produced by Walter Mirisch, who is still with as at 100 years young.


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