Blu-Ray News #315: Hell And High Water (1954).

Directed by Samuel Fuller
Starring Richard Widmark, Bella Darvi, Victor Francen, Richard Loo, Cameron Mitchell, Gene Evans, David Wayne

This terrific Sam Fuller Cold War paranoia picture was released on Blu-Ray a few years ago by Twilight Time. Now it’s on the way from Eureka, giving those of us who missed it last time a chance to pick it up.

High And High Water (1954) has so many things going for it. First, it’s a Sam Fuller picture, which is recommendation enough. It’s got a incredible performance from Richard Widmark, who could do just-short-of-unhinged better than about anybody. It’s an early CinemaScope movie, which comes with a particular stack of visual pros and cons — and encouraged longer takes that let the actors really do their thing. And, best of all, it’s a whacked-out anti-commie movie, the kind that could only come from the 50s.

The old Fox DVD left a lot to be desired, with the Twilight Time Blu-Ray treating Joseph MacDonald’s camerawork with respect. We can count on the same thing from Eureka, I’m sure. Highly recommended.


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2 responses to “Blu-Ray News #315: Hell And High Water (1954).

  1. john k

    Ah those happy days when the £ was strong (pre the Brexit debacle)
    ..those “leavers” had no regard for vintage movie fans!……. and I could
    afford Twilight Time releases.
    I really miss Twilight Time and Julie Kirgo’s highly informative booklet
    notes written with verve and style! Hopefully,and I don’t see why not the
    Eureka release should be in the attractive 2.55 ratio.
    The 2.55 ratio,I understand was so they could fit a magnetic stereo
    soundtrack onto the frame and therefore was only used for tentpole
    Furthermorte H&HW flies in the face of folks who consider Fuller merely
    a B Movie director.
    In the UK in the mid 60’s the Granada Cinema Chain had equipped many
    of their best cinemas to accommodate magnetic stereo and started
    giving these Fox 50’s titles another go ’round.
    I recall the thrill of seeing films like H&HW,PRINCE VALLIANT,
    GARDEN OF EVIL and BROKEN LANCE in stereo.
    If you shop around one can pick up remaining Twilight Time discs at an
    affordable price I recently got Dwan’s THE RIVER’S EDGE and was most
    pleased about that.
    For UK fans it was the postage that was the real killer and for what they
    were I always found Twilight Time releases top notch as far as quality goes.


  2. john k

    As someone from the UK it’s the postage that is the off-putter in buying
    certain DVD’s and Blu Ray’s. Take AFRICA SCREAMS for instance the
    dealers on ebay are asking what ammounts to $50 when postage is taken
    into consideratrion. I note that WOWHD have AFRICA SCREAMS at a far
    more affordable price but it’s not available from them until late October,
    I’m glad I waited.
    Furthermore these “Whistler” and “Jungle Jim” sets have postage rates
    more expensive than the discs themselves…it’s always the same with
    these little known imprints.
    Luckily imprints like Warner Archive and Kino (which seem to be the bulk
    of what I buy) can be picked up at reasonable prices.


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